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Edward E. Baptiste Jr. President/CEO

Edward Baptiste is a Lay Evangelist born in Fresno, California, who has been residing in the state of New York since 1970, whom is also the Founder and President of The Door of Mercy Ministries, which is in its grass roots stage.

Edward Baptiste is also a host on the Southern California Connection Prayer Line, whose theme is, “Spiritual & Mental Restoration”.

The Door of Mercy Ministries was founded based on the deliverance of Edward from a life nearly destroyed by the bondage of sinful life practices, such as: drug addiction, lying, stealing, and other “abhorrent evils”.

“As God has shown me, and opened up the door to His abundant love and mercy, so I have dedicated my life to His service, to minister to the needs of those in my community, and otherwise that are struggling with drug addiction, and other unwise lifestyle choices.”

The Door of Mercy Ministries will begin a weekly Cable TV series in the local Queens, New York area, which will commence in January, 2011.

The Door of Mercy Ministries
112-01 208 St. #3
Queens Village, NY  11429

Will Fults

Will Fults first heard the word "Seventh-day Adventist" at the age of 20 from a young lady he met on a train.  After additional years of Bible study and a diligent search for the truth, he became a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and that young lady became his wife.  He is now blessed to be a Sabbath school instructor, lay preacher and writer.  He is happily married to his wife Eva, and they have one daughter, Grace.  The Fults family believes that by maintaining a relationship with Jesus through daily study of the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy, we can gain complete victory over sin and be ready for Christ's soon return through the power of the Holy Spirit.  You can reach Will at his site http://willfults.com/.

Pastor Gerzon Gomez

Pastor Gerzon Gomez has been teaching in the Adventist Educational System for 10 years and was Associate Pastor for 7 years at Pico Rivera Bilingual Church.  He has a BA in Pastoral Ministries, a Masters of Divinity and Masters of Education.  Currently, He is teaching at Bakersfield Adventist Academy.  He consistently travels to preach as frequently as the Lord opens the door. He has made numerous mission trips to the Philippines and other countries and his passion is teaching and preaching the Word of God.

Email: gomezrev14@aol.com

Dwight Eric Haynes, Ph.D., Author

Dwight Eric Haynes is a man who was snatched from the hands of the adversary, as a brand from the burning.  After 11 years of drugs, crime, and incarceration, the Lord took this thug and turned him into a theologian; from cocaine to Christ, from thunderbird to God’s Holy Word, from dealing dope to dealing hope, from a G.E.D. to a Ph.D.  Dr. Haynes is completely sold out to and depended upon the Lord Jesus Christ.  He gave 11 good years of his life to Satan, as a soldier, doing everything and anything he was big enough and bad enough to do.  Now he is a warrior in the army of the Lord, marching to the beat of the Gospel, and his “steps are ordered by the Lord.”

He holds a B.A. in Theology, with minors in Biblical Languages and Business Management; a M.A. in Systematic Theology with a cognate in Biblical Languages; and a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology.  Dr. Haynes pastored 8 years in the Baptist Church, and over twenty years in the SDA Church.   He has been in  ministry for over 35 years.  He also taught theology at Oakwood College for several years.  He has authored 4 books and numerous articles.

He is currently the president and CEO of SITS, Inc. based out of New Orleans, Louisiana.  Dr. Haynes is nationally and internationally recognized for his seminar revival series “Salvation in the Sanctuary.”  He has traveled the world widely sharing the Word of God. 

He and the love of his life, Eve, of 30 years, have 4 adult children and 5 grand children.


Brenda Hill, Author


The topic for my presentations is Spiritual Readiness for the End.

Brenda Hill, originally of Washington, DC. now living in Elk Grove, California.  I am married to Pastor Byron K. Hill, Sr. who pastors the Southgate and Rancho Cordova Seventh-day Adventist churches.  We have a self-publishing ministry, Treasures of Heaven, and I have authored two books: "The Study Workbook for Preparation for the Final Crisis" and "Hope Beyond the Grave."   As I experience life with its joys and disappointments, I developed the motto that I strive to live by day by day - "Because my future is history to God, I can completely trust in Him." 

 If you would like to contact her, you can use here email address:  brendeb@sbcglobal.net

AJ Johnson


Originally from New York City, AJ now resides in Los Angeles, California. She came to the faith after meeting and studying with her uncle whom she met for the first time when she was a teenager. Her enthusiasm for her new found faith resulted in mission trips to South Korea and South America. She enjoys researching current events as it relates to bible prophecy. Her educational pursuits includes studying physics, cosmology and mathematics. “The more I study science the more I appreciate its complexity, beauty, and design. Psalms 19: 1-4 succinctly describe my sentiments about our cosmos:


“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, there their voice is not heard. Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun.”

Elder Michael J. Johnson, Author /Speaker/Director

Bi-monthly Presentation theme:  Preparation For The Final Crisis, In The Work Of Evangelism

Elder Michael Johnson is a native of Birmingham Alabama.  He is the Speaker/Director of End Times Like These Ministries, a lay ministry, which facilitates all areas of evangelism such as, Lay Evangelist Certification and Bible Worker trainings, and sets up Churches into year-round Community Evangelistic Centers.  In addition,  he conducts Week of Prayers, Revivals, Revelation Seminars, Evangelistic Reaping Meetings.  To date there are several churches that have been trained and over 450 Lay Evangelists, which has led to many baptisms throughout the Pacific Union Conference.  Elder Johnson serves on the Southern California Conference Greater Los Angeles Region Evangelism Committee.  In addition, he serves on the Pacific Union ASI Board of Directors as the Southern California Conference Lay Representative.   He’s a graduate of Griggs University in Tacoma Park Maryland in which he received His Credentials for Conference/Bible Instructing and the work of Evangelism.  He’s presently working on his undergrad at the University of Phoenix in preparation for his Bachelors in Theology and Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies at Oakwood University.  For the past 25 years as a layman he has served in several ministerial capacities in the Pacific Union Conference, from Local church Elder, Lay Associate Pastor and Lay Evangelist.  Most of all Elder Johnson only wishes to be known as a sincere and consecrated servant of God, which is his constant prayer.

Phone: 805-531-9718

Patrecia Langley


Pat Langley is very versatile in the Lords work.  She is a bible worker, speaker, medical missionary and a prayer warrior.  The Global Prayer Ministry HotLine started approximately 5 years ago under her direction which reaches all over the US and into many countries.  She works very closely with many of the pastors in the Northeastern Conference in New York as well as the Health Ministries, Family Life and Women's Ministry Departments.  She also travels to many countries holding revival meetings and assisting in evangelistic crusades the world over.

Email:  plangley@northeastern.org


Pastor Alvin Maragh

Pastor Alvin Maragh graduated from Oakwood University 2003 BA Ministerial Theology.  He went on to further education at Loma Linda University 2006 MA Chaplain Ministry.  He is currently the Associate Pastor of Central Filipino SDA Church.  Pastor Alvin Maragh is a preacher of truth and righteousness.  He loves young people and ministers to them at Youth conferences, camp meetings and one on one.  He has a twin brother who is a lay evangelist and ministers in the Central Florida conference.

D. Ronald Neifert


Topic:  "Spiritualism in the world and in our church"

D. Ronald Neifert was born into the Remnant church family. Eleven years later his parents got devoiced and sadly all the family left the Adventist church except brother Ron who continued to work his way through a Christian education.  Over 30 years ago the Holy Spirit choose to bestow the gift of teaching on him and persuaded him to use that gift with all those God brings in his path.  Brother Ron has a background in mechanical engineering but is now transitioning to full time ministry through God’s grace and direction.  He is currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina but is making his living situation mobile to be able to respond to the calls of God wherever they may be.  Brother Ron loves Jesus above all others and makes Jesus the center of every message.

You can contact brother Ron at rneifert@carolina.rr.com.
Edwin A. Noyes M.D. MPH

Subject:  Exposing spiritualism in many popular alternative medical therapies.

Dr. Noyes, a graduate of Loma Linda University (1959), retired (2000) after forty years of general practice in Forest Grove, Oregon.  He served in the U.S. Army (1967-1969), and is a Vietnam veteran.  He and wife Emma served short term hospital mission service (1971), in Phuket, Thailand.  He received a Master's of Public Health degree from Loma Linda University (1979).

Dr Noyes' special interest for forty years has been preventive medicine and nutrition.  For Thirty-five years he also has studied spiritualistic deceptions and influence in health and healing, primarily in what today is referred to as "alternative" medicine.  He has been active in medical evangelism, and conducting educational seminars for ministers, health educators and health professionals in Eastern Europe and other countries.

He has authored the book Spiritualistic Deceptions in Health and Healing and is active in sharing the message of the book in seminars in Eastern Europe, Canada, and the United States.

Email:  spiritsdeception@aol.com

Dr. Isaac Olatunji Jr.

Born in New York City and raised in the Washington, D.C. area, Dr. Isaac Olatunji Jr. is a professor of Religion and Theology at Oakwood University where he is affectionately known as "Dr.O". Dr. Olatunji has served for approximately 15 years in the SDA ministry pastoring in the Southwest Region Conference of SDA and the South Central Conference of SDA having conducted crusades and revivals in Europe, Africa, Australia and in North America.  Dr. Olatunji has a passion for evangelism, youth ministry and empowering individuals to reach their God-chosen destinies through faith in Christ and in the power of God.

Email:  doctoro7@hotmail.com

Website:  http://droenterprises.org/


Janet Pauly


Janet Pauly is a married mother of four grown children.  She and her husband will be married 55 years December 10, 2010.  Janet is a Registered Nurse whose specialty area was intensive care.  She was diagnosed with a widespread incurable cancer in 1980.  She was treated at the largest cancer treatment center in the U.S. for four years, after which she was told that her cancer was out of control and there was nothing more to be done for her.  It was after this that she was providentially introduced to a green powder which put her cancer into remission.  She continues to take AIM  BarleyLife to this day.  The Lord opened up a whole new life for Janet and she was invited to speak in many places in the U.S., Canada,  Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Taiwan and South Africa.  Janet speaks out of her personal experiences and is happy to share what she has learned in her life journey.  She has a special interest in Women's health and hormones.

Email:  janetpauly@hotmail.com

Dennis Priebe, Author, Rivalist

Dennis Priebe is a Seventh-day Adventist minister, with 40 years experience as a pastor, a teacher, and seminar speaker. He and his family joined Amazing Facts to help it achieve the goal of nurturing newborn Christians into mature Christianity. Their ministry is directed primarily toward those who have already made their commitment to Christ, but who want to grow into the fullest possible relationship with Him.

Pastor Priebe and his family accept invitations from Adventist churches across the United States for weekend or week-long series on the subject of righteousness by faith. It is their deep conviction that the only way God's people will ever fulfill their divine commission of preparing the way so that Jesus can return is through a clear understanding and a corresponding experience of the total gospel of Christ our Savior.

Contact Info:  Via Amazing Facts at (916) 434-3880 ext. 7250

Website:  http://www.dennispriebe.com/new/

Pollyanna Prosper-Barnes, Ph.D., Author

Dr. Pollyanna Prosper-Barnes is a dynamic transformational speaker and inspirational writer.  Her passionate presentations inspire thousands, throughout the U.S., Canada and abroad, to live up to their full potential in every facet of life. Dr. Pollyanna has a burning passion for strengthening marriages, families, and all relationships. She and her husband, Pastor Baldwin, are the founders of Relationships Unlimited, a ministry focused on empowering people to thrive in fulfilled relationships. Through their ministry many marriages have been strengthened and relationships restored.  They believe that Christians can be happy, fulfilled and vibrant in all their relationships. Dr. Pollyanna is a strong proponent of father-daughter relationships. Her latest book, In The Name of My Father, a memoir in which she shares lessons she learned from her father, will deeply reward and inspire its readers.

For further information about Dr. Pollyanna, log into www.pollyannabarnes.com.

Email:  prosperbarnes@gmail.com

Pastor Simeon R. Rosete, Jr., D.B.S., Senior Pastor of CFC


Pastor Simeon P. Rosete, Jr. has been serving in the Seventh-Day Adventist church for over 25 years.  He has a Bachelor of Arts, History and Philosophy of Religion, a Master of Arts in Theology and Public Health, and a Doctor of Biblical  Studies.  He has served as the President of the Mountain Provinces Mission in Baguio City, Phillipines.  He was the Director of Asian/Pacific Affairs of Southern California Conference.  He is currently on his second stint at Central Filipino SDA Church as the Senior Pastor.  He is greatly respected and loved as a man of God.

Email:  sprosete@yahoo.com

Rick & Gwen Shorter, Authors

Rick & Gwen Shorter met in a night club on 42nd Street in NYC.  Both were pursuing careers in show business.  Rick as a composer, producer, and manager of rock groups, Gwen as a model actress, and R & B singer.  Rick had grown up an SDA and was running away from the truth.  Gwen was the daughter of a methodist minister and looking for the truth.  Through a series of providential interpositions they both gave their hearts to Jesus, were baptized in the SDA church and have never looked back.  That was over 40 years ago.  After living in New York for thirty five years they now reside in Southern California where they have a publishing, speaking, health & music ministry.  Their credentials:  Medical Missionary Workers.  Their testimony:  Jesus in us, Our Hope and Glory!

Latest Music Ministry:  Heroes Thoughts of a Miner





Linda Jean Tigner-Weekes, M.D.

Linda Jean Tigner-Weekes, M.D., is the Chief Medical Office of St. John's Well Child & Family Center with four clinical sites and three school-based clinics located in South Central and East Los Angeles.

Her primary interest is Issues of Quality health Care Access in poor, underserved and Ethnic diverse Communities. Her work focuses on developing partnerships with established community resources. Thru these partnerships, clinical programs are developed that the community identifies as most needed to improve access to quality health care.

Current projects include redesigning Asthma Care with elementary and middle school children by forming partnerships with school based nurses. This partnership includes site visits to the clinic that is within the district of school, identifying patients with asthma who do not have medical home, an use of Asthma Action Plans.

Another project involves using health promoters to raise community awareness of Diabetes, Lead poisoning, obesity and connecting them to resources at the community clinic located in their immediate area.

She is currently involved in developing Body and Soul (healthy eating and living) programs in predominately African American Churches.

Dr. Tigner-Weekes is A Graduate of Pacific Union College and Loma Linda University School of Medicine. Her training includes a primary care Pediatric Residency and a fellowship in Pediatric Hematology at Los Angeles County University of Southern California Medical Center.

Email:  ljtweekes@aol.com 

Glen Walker, Author


My name is Glen Walker.  I am a Lay Evangelist.  A drunk driver almost killed me at the age of seven.  I was in a coma for over two weeks.  I knew nothing about God until I turned 18.  Then I became a salesman and met many people with many different beliefs.  One person I met was a Seventh - day Adventist Christian.  We studied Bible prophecy together and discovered overwhelming proof that the Bible could be trusted.  (See chapter one of Prophecy Made Easy. http://www.prophecymadeeasy.com)  I was convinced the Bible was true, decided to follow Jesus, and was baptized into the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  I soon graduated from Southern and worked in the ministry and evangelism for several years. I also studied and became a Registered Respiratory Therapist.  In 2001, I wrote Prophecy Made Easy, sold in the A.B.C. and by Amazing Facts and put it on the internet.  People are thus able to access this website in 31 languages from around the world at http://www.prophecymadeeasy.com.  I am in the process of publishing my latest book, “What’s Next?”  It will be available soon!  Please pray for it!

Email:  gwalker7777@gmail.com

Jeff Wehr, Author

Jeff has served in the Lord's work as a pastor, teacher, administrator, writer, and businessman. He currently is the writer and speaker for Wehr Publishing. He is the author of titles such as, Daniel and Revelation Decoded; The Heavenly Trio; The War between Christ and Satan, and more. You may view The Prophet's Code on their wehrpublishing.com website. You may also view their health website www.nationalhealthpledge.com. If you would like to receive sermons via email contact Jeff at jeff_wehr21@yahoo.com. Jeff and his wife, Alena, and their two children, Nathan and Laura leave in northern Virginia.

Website:  www.wehrpublishing.com

Email:  jeff_wehr21@yahoo.com

Buster (Leslie) White

(He is in the center)


Ministry:  "Save a Soul, Give a Glow"

Buster (Leslie) White was born and raised in Oklahoma. He became a businessman and lived as an agnostic, despite his mother’s entreaties for him to give his life to Christ. She prayed faithfully for 41 years for her son. But even though death silenced her prayers, God did not forget. In 2003, Buster gave his life to Christ and joined a tracking ministry where he learned much of the skill he uses today in distributing large amounts of gospel tracts. Eventually, as a result of watching Doug Batchelor and attending an evangelistic series in 2009, Buster joined the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

After becoming a member, he began what is now a network of spreading the gospel through GLOW tracts (small pocket sized pamphlets of Bible truth). Already 480,000 tracts have been distributed in 14 months either as a direct or indirect result of his efforts.

He currently lives in Texarkana, where he has made it a part of his life to distribute tracts on a regular basis. The Lord has been working in amazing ways, giving this servant of His terrific opportunities to share the truth. “You can share a piece of literature just as well as I can,” says Buster, “all you have to do is choose to do it!”

Contact Buster at glowing.white7@gmail.com

Elder Vincent E. White, Sr., Author

Theme:  "Following the Principles Used by the Early Church as a Model for Ministry in the Last Days."

Elder Vincent E. White, Sr. has served as a pastor in the South Central Conference of Seventh-day Adventists for twenty-seven years. He currently serves as the pastor of the Mt. Zion and Courtland SDA Churches in Florence and Courtland, AL respectively.

He is a graduate of Oakwood University, Andrews University Theological Seminary, and the University of Kentucky. He has a Master of Divinity degree and a Master of Social Work degree. He is trained in Clinical Pastoral Education (Chaplaincy), and has a Doctor of Ministry degree in Leadership from Andrews University Theological Seminary. He is the author of the book Problem Solvers and Soul Winners: A Handbook for Deacons and Deaconesses. He has conducted training seminars for deacons and deaconesses throughout North America.

He is happily married to Audrey Johnson White. They have been married for forty-one years. Audrey is a homemaker and author of two vegetarian/vegan cookbooks-Angel’s Sweet Tooth, and Vegetarian Recipes for Busy People. She is currently working on another book.

The Whites have two children, a son-Vincent White, Jr., a Doctor of Chiropractic, and a daughter-Angella White, a Senior Sales Planner.

Their son is married and has two children; so the Whites have two grand children-a granddaughter named Tiara, and a grandson named Christian.

Email:  avasbp@att.net

Dave Williams MD, MPH

Dave Williams MD, MPH is a Board Certified Preventive Medicine Public Health Physician whose area of focus is in the application and practice of Lifestyle Medicine.

Dr Williams was born in Jamaica but grew up in the United States Virgin Islands.  He attended Montemorelos University School of Medicine in Mexico and subsequently completed a Transitional Year of Residency in Internal Medicine in New York, before moving to Loma Linda California where he completed a residency training program in Preventive Medicine/Public Health at Loma Linda University.  He then went on-at the same institution-to complete a fellowship in Occupational Medicine.

 He currently is the medical director of the Center for Lifestyle Medicine Inc.  a clinic that specializes in weight loss and the application of therapeutic lifestyle change modalities to help treat and prevent chronic disease.  He is married to his wife Susan and has 3 children, Austin, Gabriella, and Jared.

For more info e-mail:  info@centerforlifestylemedicineinc.com

Website:  www.centerforlifestylemedicineinc.com